Optimise your social impact with Renaisi.

Your organisation exists to drive positive social change: how can you be sure your funding, project or strategy will create the impact you strive for?

Meaningful change is impossible to achieve without taking time to assess the impact of your work – especially when it’s complex, long-term, and highly collaborative. Are you heading in the right direction? What lessons have you learnt along the way? When every penny counts, avoiding guesswork is vital. 

Renaisi can help you optimise the success of your work.

We can help you if:

  • Your programme is complex, messy and highly collaborative, and the outcomes of your work feel intangible and difficult to measure. You want to know the difference you’ve made and get clarity on your next steps.
  • You’d like insights on a particular topic to help inform your future programmes and strategies. You’d benefit from having an independent researcher to capture the views of professional stakeholders or vulnerable participants.
  • You want to work with colleagues and partner organisations to problem-solve the big issues and share lessons learned along the way.
  • You want to grow your capacity to conduct research, evaluate and learn.

Why choose Renaisi as your evaluation and learning partner?

Whether you’re developing a brand-new programme, assessing the success of an existing project, or simply looking to solve an ongoing social challenge, we’ll help you understand what you’ve achieved and how.

With an incredible team, a unique business model and wide-ranging experience behind us, we’ve helped everyone from community groups and charities to local authorities influence strategic change since 1998.

Our services are designed to help you get the best from your programme – and your budget – and to create meaningful social change.

Who we work with

Since 1998, we’ve helped hundreds of social sector organisations optimise the success of thousands of projects. Here are just a handful of the funders, local authorities and organisations we’ve worked with to deepen their impact and transform their work.

Children in Need: Young Manchester:
We helped establish a collective impact approach to tackle youth violence through a series of collaborative learning sessions and primary data collection.

City Bridge Trust
We act as critical friend to City Bridge Trust, helping them to optimise the impact of their Bridging Divides strategy and explore the most effective ways to deliver against their theory of change.

You Press
We helped You Press develop an organisational theory of change and evaluation framework so they could effectively communicate their impact, develop consistent data processes, and put young people’s experiences at the heart of their services.

Camden Council
We support the impact and strategy of Camden Council’s flagship Good Work Camden project, which supports residents to access good quality work and live well.

Youth Endowment Fund, Place-based Social Action, Empowering Places
In these complex projects, we consolidated mixed datasets against learning questions to distil findings collaboratively and identify shared opportunities for impact.

Ort Gallery

We helped develop a theory of change and impact measurement tools to track the gallery’s impact when it comes to social inclusion and equality, mental health, and bridging community gaps.

How we work

We use tailored qualitative and mixed-method methodologies to help you achieve your goals. We do this in a number of ways: from workshops to literature reviews, and from conducting interviews to designing surveys and facilitating workshops. We provide you with clear, insightful learning and tangible actions that’ll steer your next steps to success.

Driven by a desire to play a more impactful role in society, we’re hungry to push for sustained, positive change. Renaisi’s strategy for 2023 to 2026 sees us focusing on our own impact – as well as that of the organisations we work with – to challenge socio-economic exclusion for good.

Meet the team

Meet our team

Lily O’Flynn

Principal Consultant for Place-based Evaluation & Learning (on parental leave mid-November 23 – September 24)