Generate knowledge and understanding of how to meet the needs of people and places.

Social research enables charities, funders and public bodies to improve services and support for communities by revealing the context and potential impact of interventions.

Renaisi’s social research credentials are grounded in practical experience of people and places. We have been embedded in the diverse and dynamic communities of East and South London for over 20 years, which gives us deep insight into community issues as well as effective ways to engage with people and get to the heart of the matter.

Our employment and community programme delivery informs our approach to research. It means we are experts in engaging marginalised groups and communicating findings in a practical and accessible way. Be that for your beneficiaries, colleagues or funder.

“Renaisi helped the Money Advice Service better understand the funding sector. Since our merger the knowledge gained from our work with Renaisi has helped to inform and shape how the new organisation engages with the funding sector.”

Steve Stillwell – Single Financial Guidance Body
Anna Waldie

Why commission a research project?

We can help you to gain a better understanding of the issues and context that you are grappling with to achieve the outcome(s) you are aiming for, whether that is to inform policy change, influence funder behaviour, improve service delivery, or deepen your understanding of a community.

Renaisi’s approach to research

We work with you to address your research needs, designing an approach that will help you get the evidence and insights you need. This could be a literature review, quantitative data analysis, participatory or creative methods, or action research.

Understand the issues

Primary research into a specific issue or theme can be used to influence policy change, inform a charity’s approach to service delivery, or a funder’s grant-making strategy.

Understand the context

By identifying, appraising and synthesizing existing evidence relating to your research questions, you will be able to develop more effective services that address barriers and fill gaps in existing provision.

Involve your stakeholders

Action research with your ‘beneficiaries’ or programme participants as co-researchers ensures the user’s voice is involved in answering your research questions. It has the added benefit of providing a learning and skills development opportunity for participants.

Renaisi’s researchers

Dr Louisa Thomson (PhD social policy) leads the research team at Renaisi, many of whom have worked in frontline services with people experiencing disadvantage and exclusion. They are experts in and passionate about issues such as community engagement, financial inclusion, equality and social isolation.

The team we put together for your project will understand your niche and will be sensitive to the needs and preferences of your participants. They will have specialist skills in qualitative, participatory and creative research methods, data and behavioural sciences.

Anna Waldie

Meet our team

Lily O’Flynn

Principal Consultant for Place-based Evaluation & Learning