Get the best from your participants with training and capacity building

At the heart of any project are people. And the best way to empower those people to develop – and deliver on – your vision is by ensuring a thorough understanding of your programme and its potential.

Renaisi’s training and capacity-building services are designed to upskill your participants and optimise the success of your charity, organisation or place-based programme.

How we help

No programme can deliver without the support of its participants – and gaining that support requires efficient onboarding and thorough training.

Our evaluative training is designed to gain the full support and participation of your people, so they’re primed to deliver the best possible results.

Whatever you need to get the best out of your people, talk to Renaisi. We’re here to help you:

  • demonstrate the effectiveness of research and evaluation in driving change
  • upskill your teams in a vast range of research techniques – from running interviews, workshops and focus groups to capturing stories and evaluating data
  • provide support with systems, asset, stakeholder, and root cause mapping
  • encourage a narrative and vision for change, by collaborating on theories of change
  • develop your team’s knowledge of evaluative tools and frameworks

Capacity building in action

Since June 2019, we’ve worked with Big Local Partnerships (part of Local Trust) to support their Measuring Change programme, which exists to help communities develop evaluation skills and measure change locally. Our support is tailored to the context of each place we work with and helps partnerships capture wider social impacts and create more effective change.

Training and techniques are accessible and proportionate, reflecting the fact that many volunteers are aged 70+. Our support helps these residents develop new skills, grow in confidence and take responsibility for measuring change in future.


We have years of experience of using training and capacity building to get results for local and national charities, central and local government, and charitable funders – and we can help you, too.

To discuss your project with an experienced research consultant, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

Mylene Pacot Research & Evaluation Principal

Meet our team

Lily O’Flynn

Principal Consultant for Place-based Evaluation & Learning (on parental leave mid-November 23 – September 24)