Learning drives continuous improvement and innovation, which are essential for an organisation to fulfil its social mission.

By combining our evaluative research skills with significant programme delivery experience, Renaisi is a uniquely well-rounded learning partner for the voluntary and community sector. We draw on experience of collaborating with local and national charities, central and local government, and charitable funders, which means we can design learning partnerships to suit any organisational, issue or cohort context.

“The combination of Renaisi’s research approach with their service delivery experience really makes for a credible and influential voice to shape our own approach and show how we are applying learning to our practice. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve worked together to achieve.”

Hannah Woods, Head of Evaluation and Learning Gingerbread.

Why choose a learning partnership?

Learning partnerships with an independent expert like Renaisi will help you make faster, better-informed decisions about your work by sharing and acting on insights as they emerge.

A learning partner is a flexible resource for you to draw upon, whether you need to understand how to evaluate your impact, advice on organisational development, or a rapid review of a particular issue. Renaisi will design a partnership and use the appropriate research methods to suit your organisation’s context and culture.

Improve information clarity and sharing

Learning partnerships can improve information flows from frontline delivery staff to senior leadership and the board, providing an accurate and up-to-date narrative of what is happening on the ground. This results in better tactical and strategic decision-making, including how to support your staff or grantees more effectively.

Provide extra capacity and experience

We work with in-house research and learning teams to offer extra capacity, issue-, place- or cohort- specific expertise, and objective advice on your learning, processes and practice. We also draw upon the expertise of our frontline delivery team, which brings a particular closeness to the issues we advise people on, and a diverse range of people and skills that will help your learning.

Our social researchers can work as part of your team, really getting to know your beneficiaries, your people and your objectives.

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