A learning partner will help you embed learning in your team, and enable you to make better-informed decisions about your work.

Learning is a lifelong process.  No matter what your role, it is an essential part of working life but in the hectic day-to-day, it’s hard to carve out enough time and headspace for it. If learning is not effectively embedded it limits what an organisation can achieve, and prevents teams from adapting, innovating and developing best practice.

By combining our evaluative research skills with significant community service delivery experience, Renaisi is a uniquely well-rounded learning partner for the voluntary sector. We draw on our experience of collaborating with local and national charities, central and local government, and charitable funders, which means we can design learning partnerships to suit any organisational issue or cohort context.

“The combination of Renaisi’s research approach with their service delivery experience really makes for a credible and influential voice to shape our own approach and show how we are applying learning to our practice. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve worked together to achieve.”

Hannah Woods, Head of Evaluation and Learning Gingerbread.

Why choose a learning partnership?

Learning always has value, but particularly so in times of change, and where strategic ambitions require the contribution of people across multiple areas of work. A learning partner is a flexible resource for you to draw on to help you achieve your learning goals, whether those are focused on organisational development, a specific team or area of work.

Organisations with a structured approach to learning can benefit from:

  • Making sure that learning is captured and acted on
  • Giving people time to reflect, take stock and improve their work
  • Better team working and experience-sharing
  • The chance to bring in learning from experience elsewhere
  • The ability to share learning externally – giving value to others

How we approach your learning

Renaisi will design a partnership and use the appropriate research and engagement methods to suit your organisation’s context and culture. The main features of our learning partner approach are:

Rigorous and practical: acting as a critical friend, and providing frequent recommendations to address issues, themes and challenges as they emerge.

Agile learning: working collaboratively and flexibly, following the questions that you want to or need to ask, and guiding rather than imposing.

An awareness of context: acknowledging that the situation and size of organisations and places is always different and understanding context is crucial role to the learning process.

Engaging and straightforward: activities and reports will be highly practical, based on an understanding of how those involved want to engage with learning.

Quality: you need confidence that learning partner recommendations will stand up to external scrutiny. We will synthesise findings from multiple sources to produce practical recommendations and insights, and we will be clear about the strength of evidence that underpins them.

Our social researchers can work as part of your team, really getting to know your beneficiaries, your people and your objectives.

Meet our team

Lily O’Flynn

Principal Consultant for Place-based Evaluation & Learning

Lily Place Projects Principal