Renaisi can help you to assess the progress you have made towards your goals with an evaluation of your processes and impact.

Having been embedded in some of the most diverse and dynamic communities in East and South London for over 20 years, Renaisi has a deep and unique insight into the issues faced by communities as well as effective ways to engage with people to get to the heart of the matter.

We have evaluated organisations and programmes from across the social sector. We have particular expertise in evaluating place-based programmes, funds and grants’ impact; arts & culture and social action.

“The Renaisi team showed the best understanding of the project aims and particularly our focus on uncovering insights that would help our organisation improve. They were evidently keen to work collaboratively and add value.”

Tamara Baleanu, The Access Project

We take pride in making sure that the process and the output of your evaluation will be both practical and usable. The final evaluation report will be suitable for your intended audiences – whether that is your funder, the board or your programmes team.

Our approach

We will work with you to understand your evaluation requirements. We can help you to finalise the overarching evaluation questions to identify the appropriate methods to use. 

Once the evaluation requirements are agreed, we use mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) and we’re not afraid to be creative or try something new to suit your project. Once we’ve agreed on the most suitable methods, we’ll build a team with the right skill set and expertise for you.

The team we put together will understand the subtleties of your work and will be sensitive to the needs and preferences of your participants.

Impact evaluation to evidence, learn and improve

An impact evaluation doesn’t just meet funder needs, it can help you to learn and improve your services or programme of funding. A Renaisi impact evaluation will help you to understand the whole story, the nuances of multi-site delivery, a diverse grantee portfolio, and changing beneficiary needs, while demonstrating the value of your work to others. Read about the Community Business Fund evaluation.

Process evaluation to understand where value is created

By identifying the parts of your model – staff, skills, services or relationships – that are crucial for growth and impact we can provide practical recommendations and build the systems, that help you to improve projects, programmes and organisational approaches. Read about The Access Project process evaluation.

Developmental evaluations for fast and flexible testing and learning

For organisations that seek to adapt and learn in real time a developmental evaluation provides rapid feedback, collaborative methods, lots of testing and learning, and a critical friend to help you develop as you learn.

Meet our team

Lily O’Flynn

Principal Consultant for Place-based Evaluation & Learning

Mylene Pacot Research & Evaluation Principal