Renaisi continues to work with the Power to Change Trust to evaluate their community initiatives, in partnership with MyCake and Close-Up Research.

Evaluation of community business funds

Renaisi will evaluate the Community Business Fund, Trade Up, and Bright Ideas Fund.

Renaisi’s evaluation team will use a mixed methods approach, including quantitative analysis of programme and external data, financial analysis of community businesses, qualitative analysis (fieldwork visits, analysis of application data, typologies and telephone interviews), and video ethnography.

The three  funds are being evaluated together to explore how the programmes fit with the life cycle and development of a community business. The evaluation will build on the interim evaluation of the Community Business Fund that Renaisi began in 2016. This phase is set to be completed in 2021.

Evaluating the Empowering Places programme

The second project will evaluate Power to Change’s Empowering Places programme, a five-year programme of funding and support aimed at growing and catalysing community businesses in seven areas of England: Bradford, Grimsby, Luton, Hartlepool, Leicester, Wigan and Plymouth.

The evaluation will help Power to Change to understand the impact their support and investment is having on the organisations they are supporting and on their staff, beneficiaries, and the wider communities they serve.

Renaisi will work closely with catalyst organisations in each of the seven areas, supporting them to grow their evaluation expertise and helping them to demonstrate the impact the programme is having in their places. By combining insights from both the place and programme level this work will aid Power to Change in developing the programme and informing future place based funding activities.