We are leaders in place-based change and experts in using learning to drive change and understand the complex, intersectional nature of social challenges. We truly care about making big ideas accessible.

We have developed and adapted the way we work to suit today’s social and political context. To challenge the root causes of economic and social exclusion and strengthen communities across the UK, we use three approaches to change:

Place-based change

A long-term approach to identifying, understanding, and addressing social issues. It harnesses the resource, expertise and experience from a defined area and uses them collectively to enable change.

Find out more about our history and current learning on place-based change.

Systems change

A systemic approach to change challenges and shifts the way things have been done in the past to create lasting change for the future. Systemic change is change we make together, rather than one person or organisation working alone.

Find out more about our work to change systems.

Person centred change

A focus on the person and their abilities, not the issues they face. Our support focuses on achieving a person’s aspirations and is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

Find out more about our inclusive employment services.

Our values

We value strengths. 

We value strengths. We are honest about problems and needs, then we work with people to build on their strengths.

We are curious.

We are curious by nature. Curious about the issues, ideas and people we work with. We take pleasure in asking questions before we deliver on our targets.

We make time.


We make time. We listen and get the context of an issue before we act.

We own it.

We own it. We don’t pass the buck and we’re not afraid to ask difficult questions. When it comes to taking responsibility for our social mission, we all own it.