Laura Dunbar

I’m a Research and Evaluation Consultant at Renaisi, working in the Consultancy Team. I joined Renaisi in April 2022 and work on several projects supporting charities and grant funders with research, evaluation and learning. This involves conducting and analysing a mix of qualitative, quantitative, and desk-based research.

Skills and experience

Whilst at Renaisi, I have worked on projects commissioned by organisations such as Spirit of 2012, Children in Need and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime.

I hold an MA in Human Rights, through which I learnt a mix of legal, philosophical and political approaches to human rights. I also researched and wrote an independent dissertation on the idea of granting legal rights to nature. I also hold an undergraduate degree in International Relations.

I have experience as a documentarian. I’m currently editing and putting together footage from a three month fieldwork research project in the Ecuadorian Amazon, which looked at the encroachment of oil companies on indigenous land.

My other work experience ranges from working at the Upper Tribunal, the Refugee Council, and as a Travel Consultant.

My interests

I love learning languages – I have achieved a good level of Spanish and started learning basic Arabic. I enjoy hiking (especially in Scotland), travelling and trying to keep my plants alive.