Every year the whole team get together to share learning, achievements and have some fun together. This year the whole event took place on Zoom but there was lots of chocolate!

In the morning we got the chance to learn about the day-to-day roles of our colleagues Trevor, Cosku, Trudi, Rebecca, Laurette, Safe, Lily and Amanda.

Making sure there was lots of time for screen breaks we then heard from internal groups responsible for sustainability, wellbeing, embedding changes and equal opportunities.

After lunch we made chocolates guided by a professional chef.

white hands holding a red spoon,  stirring melted chocolate in a bowl

We learned how to make ganache, the art of tempering chocolate, and dipping and decorating techniques.

6 chocolates on a chopping board

Renaisi Stars Awards

Finally John presented the annual staff awards!

The Rookie of the Year Award went to Finance & Business Support Manager, Safe Wongsunopparat. Here’s what colleagues say about Safe:

“I’ve been blown away by Safe’s energy and his willingness to just get into things, support in the best way he can, and just adapt things at Renaisi for the better.”

The Co-operator Award: for being a team player and helping out with the whole team’s work and challenges, went to Project Manager, Lizzie Oxborrow.

“Lizzie really steps up, takes on loads of new tasks and projects, manages everything really well and helps out the whole consultancy team.”

The Improver Award: for going out of the way to learn new things and develop into his new role went to employment advisor Darryl Childs.

“Darryl has come such a long way. He’s a brilliant advisor and his figures show that.”

The Adapter Award: for the person who has dealt with the challenges of COVID and adapted their work most effectively and professionally, went to ESOL tutor, Laurette.

“Laurette adapted very quickly to online ESOL provision, has maintained engagement, even increasing throughout lockdown.”

The Innovator Award: for the team member who has created new things, ideas and ways of working, went to our Business & Partnerships Manager, Rebecca Simpson.

“She’s always thinking of new ways for us to do things within the business with an inclusive approach. I’ve got a lot of time for Rebecca :-)”

The Motivator Award: went to Outreach & Engagement Officer, Mo Ali.

“For keeping us all cheerful and filling our WhatsApp group with positivity!”

The Checker-Upper Award: for the star who has checked up on their colleagues to see how they are doing during a difficult year went to Programme Manager, Terry Evers.

“Terry is always listening and checking on all members of staff. At the start of lockdown he went out of his way to make it easier for all of us, even when he might have needed the support himself.”

The Difference and Diversity Award: for the person who has gone out of their way to listen, learn and understand difference and diversity across Renaisi, and ensured that we all value those differences was jointly awarded to Asiya Khan and Trudi James.

“Asiya always takes time to understand difference and diversity across Renaisi, but also encourages others to do the same.”

“Trudi has shown brilliant listening skills and always brought a smile despite everything.”

The Customer Service Award: for the person who demonstrates our values to go above and beyond to serve our customers, went to Employment Adviser Faisal Ahmad.

“Faisal worked tirelessly at the beginning of lockdown to get services set up for our participants to access essential items and volunteered his own time to make this happen. The ERSA advisor of the year nomination says it all.”

The All-Star Award is our top award for that one overall star at Renaisi. This year it was awarded to our Senior Quantitative Analyst, Mahdy Alraie.

Mahdy Alraie

Mahdy is an absolute star. Aways willing to help colleagues across Renaisi with any task, and coming up with new exciting ideas for our quant offer.

It’s people like him working in the background that enable a huge amount of work to get done. He’s made himself indispensable to colleagues. A rare star and we are lucky to have him!

Congratulations everyone!