Mahdy Alraie
Mahdy Alraie
Senior Quantitative Analyst

Mahdy Alraie

I am a Senior Quantitative Analyst. I work on various projects with the consultancy team supporting a range of clients such as trust foundations and civil society organisations to improve their impact evaluation and learning process. I am also involved in the internal evaluation of Renaisi’s employment services such as Refugees into Sustainable Employment programme where I worked on enhancing the partnerships.

My experience and skills

I had several roles in a range of participatory action research and humanitarian projects in the UK, Serbia, Syria, and Brazil. I worked extensively with displaced people and refugees, delivering and managing development projects over the last five years. I have significant experience in developing ad-hoc monitoring and evaluation tools, having worked in emergency and unstable contexts.

Prior to joining the consultancy team at Renaisi, I worked with several organisations facilitating the resettlement process of newly arrived refugees in London to access welfare, health, education, housing, and employment services. Meanwhile, I conducted a research looking at how the UK policy addresses integration of refugees through the Community Sponsorship scheme (published report). I worked as a protection officer at the Danish Refugee Council, an international NGO that works in more than 30 countries, responding to the refugee influx in Eastern Europe borders, and the massive displacement crisis in Syria due to the ongoing conflict.

I volunteered as a researcher at The Syrian Centre for Policy Research, a leading think-tank which undertakes public policy research, to work on a socio-economic nationwide research looking at the Syrian crisis impact on demography, economy, and public services. I have also co-founded We Learn, a youth-led initiative which aims to foster online learning among those who do not have access to quality higher education in Syria.

I completed a dual bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration, and master’s degree in Social Development Practice at University College London.

My interests

My ideal day consists of Arabic coffee with cardamom in the morning and meet up friends in the evening. On sunny Saturdays, I go on cycling trips exploring nature of the English countryside.  I enjoy studying, online courses mostly around economics and public policy.