The Renaisi Away Day took place at the Olympic Park this year. It gave us an opportunity to spend time in person, have some fun and celebrate our colleagues by giving out the Renaisi Star Awards.

Every year the whole team gets together to give out ‘Star Awards’ nominated by colleagues. Scroll down to find out who won!

Renais staff standing together laughing
Renaisi Away Day November 2021

The Rookie of the Year Award for the star newcomer at Renaisi went to Senior Consultancy Project Manager Mylene Pacot (far right, above). Colleagues nominated Mylene for:

“Getting stuck in straight away and generally being superb!”

The Co-operator Award for being a star team player, helping out with the whole team’s work and challenges went to Senior Quantitative Analyst Mahdy Alraie for “just always helping everyone”.

Mahdy Alraie smiling at the camera with Autumnal trees in the background.
Mahdy Alraie

The Improver Award for the star learner who has gone out of their way to learn new things, develop and improve their work this year went to Outreach & Engagement Officer, Arman Garmroudi. Colleagues said:

“Great use of initiative and always seeking for opportunities to learn new things.”

The Green Award for the person who is the greenest thinking member of staff, who tries hard to reduce their carbon footprint, encourages others to do so, and raises awareness of sustainability issues went to John Williams.

“For his unwavering commitment to the sustainability group, leading by example and changing the world one employee at a time.”

John Williams standing in front of The Orbit at the Olympic Park.
John Williams

The Innovator Award for the team member who has created new things, ideas, and ways of working went to Engagement Manager, Hannah Brooke whose role is to engage employers to create paid placements for refugee professionals and took on a new mentoring project this year.

“Superb work on designing developing and delivering the Transitions Mentoring Project. Innovative and a resounding success!”

The Motivator Award for the person who motivates and encourages their colleagues, through attitude, cups of tea, or general positivity went to Senior Project Manager Anna Waldie who was described by colleagues as “incredibly encouraging, seems to bring out the best work in everyone” and “brilliant at building team relationships and always having a smile”

Anna Waldie leaning against a wall.
Anna Waldie

The Checker-upper Award for the star who has checked up on their colleagues to see how they are doing, to have a chin-wag, and offer moral support during a year where many have still been remote working went to our People & Learning Manager, Marie Nichols, who also arranged the away day for us all.

“Even before switching to her current role, Marie would naturally check in on staff across Renaisi and spot where a bit of support was needed then just genuinely be supportive!”

The Difference and Diversity Award: for the person who has gone out of their way to listen, learn and understand difference and diversity across Renaisi, and ensured that we all value those differences went to Research & Evaluation Consultant, Waseem Meghjee.

“Waseem has led the equal ops group from the front, she listens and is incredibly respectful and inclusive in her interactions with colleagues and adds bucket loads of value through her engagement and contributions.

The Customer Service Award went to Employability Advisor, Faisal Ahmad who has progressed from the RISE programme helping refugees settle and sustain work to our Transitions service where he offers information, advice and guidance to highly-skilled refugee professionals seeking work in architecture, engineering and construction.

“Faisal demonstrates what a people centred approach looks like without even thinking about it – it’s in his DNA. He consistently goes the extra mile to ensure that customer needs are met in the round.”

Finally the All-Star Award for that one overall star at Renaisi this year went to Waseem Meghjee!

Waseem Meghjee standing outside with bright Autumnal leaves behind her.
Waseem Meghjee

“She puts so much thought and consideration in to whatever she turns her hand to and everything she produces is of an extremely high quality. She is also warm and kind, and gets involved extra intiatives.

She is all round wonderful and it needs recognising more! She is one of the most thoughtful and wise people in the team.”

Congratulations everyone!