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Evaluation of City Bridge Trust Responding to the Resilience Risk pilot project

City Bridge Trust has commissioned Renaisi to conduct the evaluation of their Responding to the Resilience Risk pilot project. A London Funders’ report titled “The resilience of people in community-facing organisations: what’s the role of funders?” found a growing need to protect the mental health of charity staff and volunteers. The report revealed that community-facing

Julia Slay Renaisi Associate

Learning together: testing the potential for community wealth building with anchor organisations in the City of London and Hackney

We’re creating an action learning network to explore how large not-for-profit organisations can come together to use their institutional and economic power to achieve positive social change in the City of London and Hackney. How can big local organisations such as hospitals, universities and local authorities use their economic power to benefit the local communities

#1 Week Notes – Week beginning 30th September 2019

This is an experiment. I’m going to try it for a few weeks and see how it goes… I’ve been thinking about doing week notes for a while, and our new website felt like a worthy time to start. Largely I’m doing this because I can’t believe how much happens each week in running this