After over 25 years of supporting people and places to thrive through a unique combination of social research and consultancy, and supporting people directly in communities across London through programmes and services getting people into good work and training, Renaisi Limited has sadly closed and formed a new partnership with TSIP: The Social Innovation Partnership to continue it’s work in the future.

As a new organisation called, Renaisi-TSIP, we will work alongside our friends at TSIP to continue to provide the social impact consultancy, research and place and systems change work to our clients and supporters. The values alignment and synergy in our work and TSIP’s work will ensure we can deliver a greater impact, bringing together our track record and shared visions, and with the intention to provide better value for our clients and greater wellbeing for our staff.

We are devastated however that we have been unable to find a future-facing option to continue our work supporting people through our frontline programmes. This means our service delivery team and the brilliant work they drove  forward, under an increasingly difficult social and public sector commissioning and operating environment has come to an end with the closure and administration of Renaisi Limited.

This work has been essential to our mission for decades.  Without the work of our service delivery teams, Renaisi would not have achieved significant positive impact. Our services work credentialled our commitment as an organisation to helping people and places thrive.

We are proud of these achievements and saddened that the operating context and deep challenges faced by the organisation over many years led to Renaisi’s closure.

This has had a significant impact on our talented and extremely committed staff.

Renaisi’s successes are collective

We want to thank our team for their tireless dedication to making change through direct support to people right across London over the years. They have provided unwavering commitment to  every participant working with us through our programmes with time, care, reliability, action and empathy. Their influence on the Renaisi brand and reputation through their collective contributions is remarkable.

We want to thank each person we have worked with over the years for coming back to Renaisi and helping us to do more for others with your testimonials and feedback – ensuring we continued to improve our practice for the benefit of others.

We would also like to thank our delivery partners, funders, and volunteers who have been alongside us through the many phases of our service provision.

We also want to thank the extensive Renaisi network of former colleagues who contributed to the evolution of the organisation over the years. We will be sharing more detail on this journey with you in due course.

What’s next

  • We are working with partners to find ways to continue the legacy of our service delivery work with communities and options for the team to be involved with that. We hope we will have positive updates on this over the coming weeks. We are grateful for the support shown in helping us do this.  
  • We have been sharing learning and holding open discussions on how the organisation arrived at this outcome with our people who remain with us at Renaisi-TSIP, and those who are no longer with us.

Thank you. Please get in touch with any questions you may have. You can email

The Renaisi Board and Management Team