Building on our our experience of delivering large scale community and regeneration programmes, in 2010 Renaisi formed a team to help other social sector organisations to design, appraise, evaluate and learn.

Our ongoing experience of place-based programmes such as Big Local and Place Based Social Action give us a unique and current insight into the dynamics of neighbourhoods across England and the opportunities and challenges that can emerge from communities and local partners working together.

“Big recommend if you’re looking for incredibly insightful, practical and actionable evaluation and learning support at pace.”

Sophie Kendall, Head of Programmes Oxford Hub.

What we do

Our approach is ‘hands on’, working with clients to understand what works, and why, and where value is created, to support learning and improvement. Alongside more ‘traditional’ research and evaluation work, we use creative, visual, developmental and learning approaches. As a learning partner we help teams to develop ways to embed learning, make better-informed decisions in order to adapt, innovate and develop best practice.

Our team specialises in mixed methods approaches, using our skills in qualitative research through interviews, participatory workshops, ethnography, visual methods, as well as data analysis and more creative approaches to data science.

We often partner with other organisations to create additional capacity and expertise for our work. We relish the opportunity to hear new perspectives that challenge us to think differently.

Who we work with

We have a wealth of experience helping charities expand and learn, develop their in-house evaluation capacity, understand and measure their impact. Charity clients include large and small, local and national: Barnardos, Gingerbread, Save the Children, Smallwood Trust, Spark, The Reading Agency, The Winch.

We also work with trusts, foundations and grant makers to develop, test and pilot new programmes and approaches. We help funders understand their impact, reflect and gather feedback on the process, and support ongoing learning, improvement and sustainability. Among others, we work with YFF, Connected Futures, Youth Endowment Fund, City Bridge Trust, Power to Change and the funder collaborative Local Motion.

Mylene Pacot Research & Evaluation Principal