Renaisi runs a customer satisfaction survey for our employment & advice services every 6 months. In addition to a satisfaction score, the survey tells us what customers like and dislike about the support we provide.

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Renaisi’s 6-monthly survey helps us to monitor customer satisfaction levels, and ensure our services meet their needs.

In addition to a satisfaction score, the survey tells us what customers like and dislike about the support we provide. The latest survey results show three main areas our customers value.

1. A personalised service

“Always willing to help. Go the extra mile. Very focus and detail oriented.”

Customers tell us our advisors are caring and thoughtful. They understand individual circumstances and can adapt advice and support accordingly.

Our customers get a personalised needs assessment and action plan to help them address barriers to work. The personalised elements of the service customers value most highly are

  • ‘Managing Expectations’ (68%)
  • ‘Confidence Building and Motivation’ (69%)
  • ‘Accessing training and educational courses’ (68%).

‘Confidence Building and Managing Expectations have been consistently in the top 3 areas of satisfaction in the last three customer surveys, demonstrating they are something jobseekers value from our service.

2. Regular communication

“They are very responsive and understanding, they are willing to help all the time.”

Customers want consistent and quick responses to their enquiries. Renaisi takes a person centred approach and understands that regular contact and quick replies are important. This was especially important during the Covid-19 lockdown when many customers felt isolatedbut continues to be a feature customer’s value. We know it’s important because both negative and positive feedback centres on communication.

Team changes and staff turnover, which didn’t happen so much during the pandemic, can have a negative effect on communication, so as a team we are working to ensure all customers get prompt, clear and consistent levels of communication.

On registration, advisors let customers know how often to expect appointments and that they can request more frequent contact if they need it. We have also developed a fast-feedback mechanism for customers that want to get in touch with us anonymously

3. Access to wrap-around support

“They’ve been very supportive in all areas I needed help with.”

A well-written CV and great interview techniques are not the only things needed to secure a quality job. Our advisors offer advice and signposting for financial and debt issues, insecure housing, childcare costs, language and cultural barriers. Factors like these must be addressed before anyone can resolutely sustain work.

“Renaisi has made me strong emotionally, financially and given me a lot of clarity in terms of employment.”

During the pandemic, we developed an online hub to signpost people to support for issues such as food poverty and digital exclusion. In recent months, the increasing cost of living has affected customers and we are adapting our resources in response to that.

As we develop our frontline services, we are offering more and more holistic and personalised services, including:

  • A Parental Employment Programme, commissioned by 3SC and funded by GLA and ESF, to help parents find or progress into better-paid work.
  • Stepping Stones funded by Islamic Relief UK to help unemployed refugees and asylum seekers to learn English and integrate into their communities in North & East London.
  • Mission PERM delivered in partnership with Hongkongers In Britain to support Hongkongers to integrate into the UK. 
Andrew Gunter-Smith