Renaisi run an employment service customer satisfaction survey every 6 months. The survey helps to track customer satisfaction and also helps us improve our services for the participants.

130 people from across four employment programmes responded to the survey. Of those 89% of respondents were either Satisfied or Very Satisfied with the support they received from Renaisi. This is exactly the same as in Feb 2020.

Customer satisfaction

The survey asks respondent to rank their satisfaction levels across 10 different areas of our support. The top 3 areas respondents were either Very Satisfied or Satisfied with support in were:

  1. ‘Managing Expectations’ (85%)
  2. ‘Confidence Building and Motivation’ (72%), and
  3. ‘Accessing training and educational courses’ (61%).

Confidence and Managing Expectations were also in to the top 3 areas of satisfaction in the last 2 customer surveys demonstrating a good level of consistency to our support in these ares. Along with ‘Paying for Travel’ (8%), ‘Accessing Training and Education Courses’ (9%), ‘Managing Expectations’ (8%) also featured in the top 3 areas customers were either Very Disappointed or Disappointed with.

Comments about other areas of Renaisi’s support referred to “Great general support and motivation” “Wellbeing advice” and “Getting a tablet for jobsearch”

Barriers to work

When asked what stopped them from finding work, respondents listed the top 3 barriers to work

  1. ‘Length of Unemployment’ (26%)
  2. ‘Lack of skills/education’ (26%)
  3. ‘Language’ (21%).

This is consistent with the criteria for our programmes, which include a specialist service for long-term unemployed people and services for refugees and migrants.

Along with issues relating to Covid-19, lack of work experience or references also came up as a barrier to finding work in this survey.

What do our employment customers really think?

Me and my wife have had a brilliant relationship with Renaisi. Her current job she got through Renaisi so we are very happy… my wife pushed me to contact you and they motivate you and send you jobs you can pursue.


When asked how Renaisi could develop or improve its service for job seekers, 78% said ‘not applicable’, some provided a positive response.

As a result of customer feedback we’re analysing waiting times between registration and first appointment, looking to improve signposting for job seekers who are interested in very specific industries, and reviewing our ESOL assessments at registration appointments.

As with previous customer surveys many positive comments related to advisor’s people skills, with ‘helpful’, ‘caring’ and ‘supportive’ being key words used. Renaisi’s Employment Advisors build trusting and consistent relationships with customers and offer positive support and encouragement. Customers appreciate the additional support offered, such as language, finance, appropriate work clothing, alongside employment support.

How has COVID impacted service delivery?

We introduced an extra question to this survey so we could get a sense of the impact that remote working has had on our customers.

It has developed my listening and concentration skills. I do all my meetings by phone so I have to listen carefully.


The responses were very positive, with customers obviously appreciating continued support in some way, and understanding of the current situation. Some customers have specified that there are issues with remote appointments and are looking forward to having face to face appointments again, whereas others are quite happy to continue with remote appointments as they can fit them into their lives easier and help them to develop their telephone skills.

Marie Nichols