In the first meeting of the community of practice, participants considered the individual’s role in place-based change.

The focus of the February place-based systemic change community of practice was sharing experiences to build a way of thinking about the skills and approaches practitioners need to do place-based work.

We asked the group to bring thoughts about their background and what brought them to
PBSC work, the skills they’d developed in previous work, that either helpe d or hindered this practice, and how teams are built that balance skills and experiences.

We concluded that place- based systemic change practitioners focus on values and approach while also needing the ‘usual’ professional skills, experience or qualifications. The output of the session was a draft values-first’ person specification.

We are going to build on this work in the next meeting on Thursday 25th at 12.00-13.30 when we will talk more about team dynamics in place-based work. We’re delighted that Graeme Duncan, CEO of Right to Succeed, and Claire Reindorp, Regional Head of Service at Peabody will join us to talk about their experiences of building teams to do place-based work.

If you are a practitioner or team leader grappling with these ideas and you’d like to join us, contact Louise Kavanagh for the registration details.

Louise Kavanagh, Communications Consultant