The place-based systemic change community of practice, participants considered building and working in teams of people doing place-based work.

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The focus of the place-based systemic change community of practice meeting was sharing experiences of building, working in, and alongside place-based practitioners. We were joined by practitioners from across England and we were delighted to hear presentations from Graeme Duncan of Right to Succeed and Claire Reindorp of Peabody.

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We will be sharing a learning report informed by the conversations in this meeting and the previous meeting, ‘Place-based Systemic Change and Me‘ shortly.

Join the community of practice

The community of practice is open to any organisations working in places, and that identify with the principles of place-based systemic change. It is predominately for organisations delivering work, and some engaged funders also attend.

If you are a practitioner or team leader grappling with these ideas and you’d like to join us, contact Louise Kavanagh for the registration details. The next meeting takes place Thursday 27 May at 12:00 PM .

Louise Kavanagh, Communications Consultant