Read Renaisi Consultancy Team’s commitment to continuously and proactively reviewing their processes to make them as equitable as possible.

Racism, discrimination, and inequality are longstanding issues that continue to impact all aspects of life and work. Sadly, we still live in a world where people experience injustice because of race, gender, sexual orientation and other characteristics.

As a social enterprise working closely with communities that have been marginalised we are committed to continuously and proactively reviewing all of our processes to make them as equitable as possible. We have been re-challenging ourselves on how to address a range of issues around inequality, discrimination, and bias both within Renaisi and through our work with other social sector organisations.

One of the tangible outputs of this work is a statement about how we will take a more equitable approach to our research, evaluation, and learning work.

This statement is informed both by our own experiences, and by the work of others on this topic (including Dartington Service Design Lab, Peggy McIntosh, The Equality Act 2010’s nine protected characteristics, The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women’s visual conceptualisation of intersectionality, the PowerCube model).

Unlike many research and evaluation consultancies, Renaisi also works directly with groups of people who are most marginalised by society. Our Consultancy Team, benefits from the insight and experience of our colleagues in the Employment & Advice Services Team.

Equitable Evaluation in the Consultancy Team

In our consultancy work, we conduct research and evaluations for a wide range of the public and charitable sectors. This includes working with groups that are subject to marginalisation and exploring topics directly related to power dynamics – such as economic exclusion, youth violence and access to health and social care provision.

In carrying out this work, we have a responsibility to be conscious of our own biases, our potential to cause harm, and our role in perpetuating an unequal system. Download the statement to see how we intend to embed equity at every stage of a consultancy project.

Equity at Renaisi

This equitable evaluation statement is one example of the progress Renaisi has made toward making our social enterprise an equitable place to work and work alongside. We have staff-led groups on Equal Opportunities, Sustainability, and Wellbeing, and last year we made changes to our recruitment practices to make them fairer and more inclusive.

We’re aware that there is more to do to truly embed equity across the business, including improving diversity across the organisation; particularly at senior levels, in staff voice and in our organisational culture.

As a learning-focused and collaborative team, we will continue to work together to embed the change we want to see.

Cathy Hearn