Renaisi is the coordinating partner for Southwark Local Access Partnership supported by social investment from Access.

Southwark is one of five places selected to benefit from Local Access investment, a blend of different types of finance aimed at tackling inequality by boosting the social economy. Renaisi coordinates The Local Access Partnership through a newly created role; the Southwark Social Economy Coordinator.

Renaisi’s strategy is built around answering one of the key questions of our time. What does it take to improve a place? To help us answer the question, we work with charities and funders of place-based change, and we do our own place-focused work in the areas that we know best; Hackney and Southwark.

The Southwark Local Access Partnership (LAP) is a newly formed partnership between local and national organisations based in the borough. It will support charities and social enterprises in Southwark to tackle local issues using a mix of support, grant funding and repayable investment from Access.

Each of the five places receiving investment has developed a vision for the growth of the social economy. The vision of the Southwark LAP is a collaborative, sustainable and diverse social economy, which delivers positive social impact and a better future for all Southwark’s residents.

Beth Stout