Jacy Stewart
Jacy Stewart
Southwark Social Economy Coordinator

Jacy Stewart

As the Southwark Social Economy Coordinator, I coordinate the Southwark Local Area Partnership (LAP), made up of the Local Authority, social investors, VCSE’s and Southwark entrepreneurs. The vision of the partnership is to create a collaborative, sustainable and diverse social economy that delivers positive social impact and a better future for the Southwark community through business support and a blend of grants and loan investments.  

My experience and skills 

I’m experienced in social entrepreneurship and skills, growth and enterprise and have a Master’s Degree in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education. 

As a social impact and business consultant, I’ve worked for local authorities, FE and Higher Education, international charities and infrastructure VCSE’s. My mission has always been to support, VCSE’s to access investments, stimulate growth, create jobs and socio-economic impact, with a strong emphasis on empowering and advocating for the development of financial models for VCSE’s to survive and thrive in the finite nature of grants. 

My interests 

I have a passion for wellbeing, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship with a focus on Equality and Diversity.