Senior Project Manager, Annabel Litchfield, shared early findings from the evaluation of three community business programmes in a recent blog for Power to Change.

In the blog Annabel Litchfield shared five key findings from analysis of the application and assessment data of Bright ideasTrade Up and Community Business Fund, and what we are learning about supporting community businesses at every stage of their lives.

In summary the 5 findings are:

  • Trade Up attracts fewer applicants, but has the highest success rate.
  • All three programmes support community businesses across all regions of England.
  • Over 50% of successful applicants are in the 30% most deprived areas of England.
  • Successful applicants are most likely to be community hubs.
  • Most applicants seek to achieve impact through improved health and wellbeing.

You can read the full detail of the early findings about community businesses on the Power to Change website.

You can also explore many more insights in this data visualisation.

Over the next two years, our evaluation will continue to investigate and share the impact of community businesses, on people and places.

Annabel Litchfield