Kezia Jackson-Harman
Kezia Jackson-Harman
Senior Project Manager

Kezia Jackson-Harman

Renaisi’s Senior Project Manager in Place and Systemic Change, Kezia brings people together to learn about, analyse and design inclusive change in their place.

About Kezia

Kezia’s strength is in using place-based and systemic approaches to enable networks and individuals to reflect on their power and role in their system so they understand how to create better outcomes that last and grow.

Kezia’s career has focused on learning and facilitation. She is experienced in leading, developing and facilitating thematic learning programmes and communities of practice, as well as providing one-to-one support to place-based funders and delivery organisations. Prior to joining Renaisi, she supported place-based funders to engage with topics including equitable grant-making, sustainability, and community engagement while working at UK Community Foundations.

Kezia recently completed a Master’s in International Development,  exploring the role of place-based community philanthropy in shifting power and accountability in the system around funding for community development.

Kezia’s work at Renaisi

Kezia works across Renaisi’s portfolio of place-based and systems change projects.

This includes facilitating local partner networks, managing and delivering place-based research projects, and supporting the adoption of place-based and systemic change approaches within Renaisi.  Alongside this, in her role as learning partner Kezia is supporting, advising and building the learning capacity for five place-based networks that are targeting systemic change.

Kezia leads our Place-based System Change Community of Practice, where she works with the community to share learning around place-based systems change in reflective and practical ways.


  • Building communities of practice
  • Place-based learning partnerships
  • Co-designing place-based and system change programmes
  • Facilitation for learning and stakeholder engagement
  • Capacity building for place-based organisations
  • Power and participatory approaches in funding
  • Organisational learning and development for place-based system change