Beth Stout
Beth Stout
Head of Place & Systemic Change

Beth Stout

My job is to support our work in places, as well as to think about how we can best support place-based change.

That means working with the team at Renaisi to support local partners and communities to work collaboratively and change a system that isn’t working for them. It also means looking at how we provide place-based and systems change support overall, both at Renaisi and as a sector.

To me, place-based work means working with a whole place – thinking about all of the people, services, organisations and stories that make a place unique – and building on those things to ensure that everyone who lives in that place can thrive there.

Systems change is a big part of my job, and for me that means working with everybody with a stake in a ‘system’ to identify the entrenched issues that mean people experience inequalities, discrimination, or feel failed by it, and exploring how together we can shift or build new systems to ensure everyone’s unique needs are valued and met. I look at how we can bring these approaches to all of Renaisi’s work, and to the people and organisations that we partner with and support.

My skills & experience

My background is in systems change and place-based working, and I’ve been lucky to hold roles focussing on this across both the children and young people’s sector and the health sector. Before I joined Renaisi, I led place-based projects at Save the Children UK, during which time I had the privilege of both leading a place-based programme of work in 5 sites across the UK, as well as working really closely with the local community on a place-based project in Margate, which gave me so much insight into place-based initiatives on the ground, and the fantastic people involved in them. Before that, I worked on systems change, service improvement and leadership development in the health system, at Diabetes UK.

I have a lot of experience of facilitation, collaborative strategy development, and community participation –  I really like talking to people to understand how we can make things better!

My hobbies & interests

Outside of work, I love being part of my community, so I sing in my local community choir and volunteer at my local Brownie pack (where I go by the name of Wolf…) If I’m not doing that, you’ll probably find me on my sofa reading a murder mystery.