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Equitable Evaluation Statement

Read Renaisi Consultancy Team’s commitment to continuously and proactively reviewing their processes to make them as equitable as possible. Racism, discrimination, and inequality are longstanding issues that continue to impact all aspects of life and work. Sadly, we still live in a world where people experience injustice because of race, gender, sexual orientation and other

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Front cover of the evaluation report

How do community businesses impact people and places?

Power to Change commissioned Renaisi to evaluate three programmes supporting community businesses in different stages of their life cycle to thrive and create resilient communities. Here we share our insights on how community businesses across the programmes have impacted people and places. 

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Health and Economies Infographic with curved arrows, buildings and trees

Putting health at the heart of economic development

Renaisi is the evaluation partner for The Health Foundation’s Economies for Healthier Lives programme. Renaisi is partnering with The Health Foundation for the next three years on the Economies for Healthier Lives programme. As programme evaluators, we will use our place-based methodology to explore what does and doesn’t work to strengthen relationships between economic development and public health at

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