Taxation/ Finance

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  • Master’s degree in Financial Analyst with over 16 years of experience within multiple finance departments for international businesses in Ukraine including dealing with UK HMRC. 
  • ACCA member
  • As a financial professional, I have over 15 years of experience in bookkeeping to analyzing, auditing accounting transactions. (SAP system, MS Office)
  • 8 months of experience in supporting VAT audit from HMRC (UK), submitting VAT for European Union (7 countries: UK, Poland, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy), GST/HST for Canada, Sales tax for the USA (26 States), worked in QuickBooks system at Productech Corporation.
  • Successfully led Value Added Tax calculation (With credit reimbursement) and Transfer Pricing Report preparation 
  • Reduced the company’s expenses for the construction of a new warehouse by 10% through active tender negotiations (Company saved ≈ $2 mln) 
  • Key member of   reviewing vendors agreements (15 agreements per month), which contributed to protection of Company’s rights and limitations of obligations up to 6 % from the Tax perspectives 
  • Monthly, Internal audited of accounting transactions (250 per month) for other finance departments SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) compliance. 
  • Identified finance and tax issues, analysed information and provided solutions to problems 
  • Prepared quarterly tax forecast of whole legal entity for Head Quarter with analysing of the future possible issues from the tax and customs views