At the end of each year, Renaisi colleagues get together to share learning, achievements and have some fun together.

This year, we took the opportunity to collaborate on strategic development of our offers and celebrate our colleagues with the annual Renaisi Star Awards.

The award categories reflect the characteristics that we value in each other. And the winners were…

The newcomer of the year


Researcher Annais has brought so much to the team in the short time she has been here. Driving our peer research training and capacity, and encouraging the team to think about how we can support co-creation equitably. More than that, she brings a commitment, enthusiasm and thoroughness to projects.

The co-operator award

Researcher Ciaran was nominated for the co-operator award because he’s always willing to help out. One colleague says he “always responds when I message on slack (esp. re surveys).”

Ciaran McDonald

The improvers

There were two winners for the improver award this year. Contract Manager, Trevor Grant, and Quality Assurance and Finance Officer, Urmila Seeborun were nominated by their colleagues for taking on new roles and responsibilities this year.

One colleague said, Trevor “anticipates things and proactively works to get a good result.”

Urmila was described as “able to connect, communicate and get messages across really well. Within couple of weeks, picked up various new processes.”

The sustainability star

Rebecca Spruce

The sustainability award went to  Project Co-ordinator, Rebecca Spruce because she contributed a lot to the development of our carbon reduction plan.

The innovator award

This award goes to the the team member who has created new things, ideas and ways of working. Researcher Laura won for “bringing AI enthusiasm and building understanding through training for the team.”

Colleagues describe Laura as driving innovative thinking for future work and pioneering great ideas for fieldwork. She is always willing to change the way we do things.

Laura Dunbar Research Consultant

The motivator award

For the person who motivates and encourages their colleagues, through attitude, cups of tea or general positivity. Researcher Chantel Antonetti was nominated by lots of colleagues for her energy and warmth.

Chantel Antonetti

“Chantel is the most energetic person I know and always comes to the office with a massive smile and great attitude. She is caring and supportive and generally improves peoples moods with her presence!”

The empowerer award

This award went to Head of Partnerships, Hannah Brooke who was desribed by a colleague as ” my go-to person”.

“Active listener, building rapport then gently offering new perspectives or challenges to enhance professional growth in line with colleagues’ capacity and the needs of the business.”

Hannah Brooke Employer Engagement Manager

The equity award

Kezia Jackson-Harman, Senior Project Manager, won the award for embodying the behaviours we think are central to working in more equitable ways, inside and outside Renaisi.

Kezia Jackson Harman

A colleague nominated Kezia for “really thinking deeply about how we can conduct our work ethically and equitably, and support a variety of people to engage with systemic issues in an accessible way.”

Renaisi values award

Transitions Manager Faisal Ahmad won the values award.

This award goes to the star who demonstrates our values to go above and beyond to serve our customers, clients and people. Faisal is “Always there for our candidates no matter what and makes sure he makes time to support and help everyone.”

Faisal Ahmad

All-stars award

This is our top award for overall stars at Renaisi. We couldn’t choose between these two stars, so there are two winners this year.

Principal Consultant for Theory & Design, Cathy Hearn was described as “An amazing asset to the team. She somehow always has time to discuss a project or help with any work problem. She has brought her experience and knowledge to the team and really shared it well with everyone at Renaisi, improving how we work.”

A colleague said of People & Operations Assistant, Nastasja Rejc, “It feels like Nastasja has been at Renaisi for a lot longer than she has. She has really made her role her own, is incredibly supportive to her colleagues, always happy to help out others and the rate at which she is developing within her role is incredible.”

Well done everyone!