Renaisi's strategic direction 2023-26

Today, Monday 20 March, Renaisi launches a new strategic direction and calls for collaborators to join us in addressing the many challenges the social sector faces.

Renaisi’s strategic direction is rooted in our history, experience and values. It reflects the reality of today’s social and economic climate, and brings together everything we learned from our last strategy.

4 people walking together with back packs full of tools and resources.

Locking people out of society leads to poverty, poor health and wellbeing – and the cost is economic, as well as social. Yet despite incredible effort and commitment from so many, we’re simply not seeing the depth of change needed to turn things around.

Through our work with hundreds of social sector organisations, thousands of marginalised people and a growing pool of inclusive employers, we’ve learned that exclusion is a product of:

  • people being marginalised by political, ideological, economic and structural forces
  • a social sector struggling to create lasting solutions after years of austerity
  • systems that hardwire injustice into the fabric of society – especially in places

Something is broken

We believe we have both the potential and the responsibility to play a more impactful role in exploring the deep fractures and challenges that exist within our social fabric.

Our unique mix of social sector consultancy and person-centred support for marginalised communities gives us a deep understanding of the biggest issues and aspirations of local authorities, charities, social enterprises and others. And we have skin in the game.

For 25 years, we’ve wrestled with the same challenges – and we’re hungry to push for sustained, positive change.

Real change isn’t driven by individuals or organisations or grand strategies. Real change is achieved together – through collective vision and work. Piece-by-piece, layer-by-layer, and with those at the heart of the issue playing a central role.

Download Renaisi’s strategy

Strategy graphic depicting a hill with a winding journey towards a bright sun.
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Let’s push things forward together

We invite you to join us on our journey. Here are some ways you can get involved:

If you are a place-based and/or systemic change practitioner, join our community of practice.

If you’re like to know about our WIN network for inclusive employers, contact Hannah Brooke, Head of Partnerships.

Consider applying to join our board of Non-executive Directors.

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Register to be a part of our “But What If…? events designed to spark ideas and debates about social change: