Renaisi is supporting Discover Children’s Story Centre to develop an organisational Theory of Change and self- evaluation framework.

Photo credit: Sorcha Bridge.

Discover Children’s Story Centre is an award-winning, interactive literature venue in Stratford, East London, dedicated to building a love of stories amongst children aged 0-11. As the Centre continues to grow, Discover would like to better understand and measure the impact of its work.

Renaisi will help Discover Children’s Story Centre to audit all informal learning across the organisation with the aim of building a self-evaluation framework, which will bring structure and a clearer understanding of their impact going forward.

Renaisi is excited to use its experience in the following areas:

  • Developing theories of change. For example, as part of Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Explore and Test Evaluation Support Scheme or supporting the Cares Family to articulate their model.
  • Exploring and measuring literacy outcomes with young people. For example, as part of the National Lottery funded Kick the Dust project or the evaluation of the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge.
  • Our track record of place-based change projects supporting communities to thrive.

The support provided will take place over three phases;

  1. Scoping phase to understand current data collection processes and mapping ambitions from stakeholders.
  2. Workshopping to co-design a Theory of Change (that represents how an intervention or a series of interventions are expected to produce a change and why), testing and refining this through service user engagement.
  3. Building on the earlier phases to develop a self-evaluation framework for Discover to take forward.

By the end of the project, Discover will have an organisational Theory of Change and a framework to measure success and evaluate the impact of their work.

Anna Waldie