Caroline Rogers
Senior Project Manager

Caroline Rogers

Caroline has 8 years’ experience conducting strategic research for third sector organisations as part of campaign, evaluation and programme development projects. She has particular expertise using trauma informed approaches, working with marginalised communities or on sensitive topics. She specialises in mixed-methods approaches.

My experience & skills

Caroline joined Renaisi as a Senior Project Manager in April 2024.

Her experience is rooted in using research methodologies strategically to support organisations in learning, growing and achieving their aims. She blends qualitative and quantitative expertise to provide a broad lens of learning that can flex to a range of contexts. She believes passionately in taking a social justice approach to research, focusing on inclusion, accessibility and collaborative learning across everything she does.

The bulk of her career has been spent conducting mixed-methods research within non-profit organisations, producing evidence of the impact of social policy issues, and of their programmes in tackling them. Caroline also supports organisations to develop new programmes, processes and structures, including those to support inclusive or participatory approaches to research.

In recent years her work has focused on migrants rights and the refugee sector. She worked with Focus on Labour Exploitation to co-design a strategy for including people with lived experience across the organisation’s research and policy work, and supported the Windrush Justice Clinic to develop a new programme of work investigating the Windrush Compensation Scheme. Prior to this Caroline held the role of Policy and Research Manager at Refugee Action, where she managed a portfolio of mixed methods projects to make the economic, moral and political case for changes in asylum policy.

Caroline began my career at Citizens Advice, where she managed policy research programme focusing on housing, debt and consumer rights issues. She drew on a wide range of methodologies and approaches in this work, including financial modelling, cost-benefit analysis and ethnographies, as well as surveys, workshops and interviews. During this time she developed a strong understanding of regulatory and legislative frameworks.

Hobbies & interests

When Caroline doesn’t work or study, she loves doing Art for Mindfulness, Reflexivity and Self-care. Her reading list includes academic books as well as sci-fi novels. She resources herself by being in nature, walking in the woods or swimming in the sea.