Polymer Engineer/Quality Control Manager
  • 354016691/FN
  • BSc Chemical Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Darab, Shiraz
  • Polymer Engineer & Researcher specialising in Quality Assurance with over 20 years’ experience acquired across Petrochemical & Nuclear industry.
  • MSc Polymer Engineering BSc Chemical Engineering Areas of Interest & Speciality
  • Synthesis of Polymeric Nanocomposites
  • Clay Nanocomposites Supported on Polymers
  • PET & PTT
  • Investigation of Polymeric Nanocomposites Properties (Molecular Structure, Rheological, Thermal Behaviour, and Processing Parameters) Roles held throughout career: Quality Supervisor Biopolymer Lecturer Senior Researcher Quality Assurance & Manager’s Representative Educational Advisor Areas of Continuous Professional Development and Certificates
  • Infrared Mechanical properties
  • Colour physic, Composites in elegance, Spectroscopy, Shrinkage, Thermal Analysis, Electronic microscopy, Various in HSE-MS, Various in ISO9001-2008, ISO9000-2000, ISO14001-2004

Available for Polymer Engineer/Quality Control Manager roles