At the last place-based systemic change community of practice meeting of 2021, Georgie Grant from Onion Collective CIC shared their experience of inclusion from their work with the community in Watchet, Somerset.

Screenshot of the community of practice zoom meeting

Informed by the questions community members sent to us, we asked Georgie Grant a director at the Somerset-based social enterprise, Onion Collective, to talk about the following:

  1. What would genuine inclusion look like in your work?
  2. How do you challenge local thinking and assumptions about inclusion?
  3. How do you work with those who talk a good game on inclusion but behave very differently?
  4. What stops the system from changing, and what can be done to nudge it, shove it or even break it?

Watch Georgie’s presentation

We’ll be sharing more of the content from this meeting in the New Year. The next community of practice meeting will take place in February, and the theme will be the future of place-based working.

Louise Kavanagh, Communications Consultant

About Onion Collective

Renaisi has worked with Onion Collective for several years, and we think they are an inspirational group of people. You may have seen them in the national media in October, when East Quay was opened. You can read more about their work here.