Peter Lau

I am a Researcher in Renaisi’s social impact consultancy team.

My skills & experience

I have a master’s degree in history from the University of Bristol, with a focus on post-WWII Hong Kong history and external relations. Before that, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in political science at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan, and specialised in international security, history, and geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific region.

Before joining Renaisi, I worked as a research assistant at two universities in Hong Kong and interned at a foreign policy think tank in London. I have conducted in-depth interviews with interviewees from diverse backgrounds, designed questionnaires for social research, produced policy and social research reports, and analysed both qualitative and quantitative data.

Hobbies & interests

I am a film lover who is obsessed with documentaries, politics, and historical films. I also enjoy travelling abroad and taking walks around my neighbourhood to become familiar with everything around me and relax, whether it’s a crowded business centre, a historical site, or a wildlife and nature reserve.