Parul Banka
Parul Banka
Transitions Career Coach

Parul Banka

My role at Renaisi

As a Transitions Career Coach, I coach participants, who are refugees, to help them gain sustainable employment in the UK, aligned with their skills, experience and values. I believe that employment isn’t just a vehicle to pay our bills but that it influences our entire ecosystem. It impacts our relationship with ourselves as well as others by helping us to be seen and heard.

My role is also to work closely with the leadership team to build a coaching culture across the organisation. Renaisi understands that coaching is a powerful tool for unlocking potential not only for our clients but also for colleagues. An embedded coaching culture in the organisation will enable us to deepen the impact of our work.

My experience and skills

I am on a mission to help people build successful and happy careers in their areas of passion. We spend more than half of our waking lives at work, and therefore, if we aren’t happy at work, it is bound to impact the rest of our lives.

I worked with large and mid-size global organisations in Talent Management and Learning and Development before moving into coaching full time 7 years ago. As a coach, I help leaders succeed in their careers through a combination of intense personal transformation, building personal visibility and branding through storytelling. Within storytelling, I specialise in helping people tell their personal stories authentically with the objective to inform, inspire and influence their audiences.

Whilst I wear the identity of a career coach, I coach the whole person and not just the work aspect of their lives.

My interests and what keeps me going

I love travelling and deliberately make time for it.

I do my best to live from a place of ‘no regrets’. I would rather have a go at something and fail than wonder wistfully ‘what if’.

I love a good deep conversation.

I love stories and find my daily dose of inspiration from people’s stories around me.

I enjoy public speaking and writing. I hope to publish my 8th book in 2023.

As a cancer survivor, I coach cancer patients, survivors and carers to help them rebuild their lives after cancer. It is a cause close to my heart. I also ensure that my own self-care is front and centre like the gym, energy management and a holistic diet.

One of my all-time favourite things is exploring possibilities over probabilities.