Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones
Associate Research Consultant

Naomi Jones

I work with Renaisi on research and evaluation activities. I’m currently supporting some of the organisation’s fantastic researchers with two place-based evaluations, carrying out work that ranges from theory of change development to qualitative work with local communities. I also deliver research methods training to Renaisi’s consultancy team.

My experience and skills

With 20 years of social research and evaluation experience, I am passionate about the use of evidence in developing policy and interventions, and about communicating research in accessible and meaningful ways.

I set up as an independent consultant six years ago, after working in roles at research organisations and think tanks. While I’m a mixed-methods researcher, I specialise in high-quality qualitative research and the use of qualitative research in evaluation. As well as delivering research and evaluation, I work with charities and public sector bodies to help them design, oversee and commission research. I regularly deliver professional mentoring and training and enjoy acting as a learning partner to smaller organisations.

My interests

Outside of work, I enjoy all forms of exercise, spending time with my glorious family, and getting involved in my local community.