Benjamin Andrews

I have been working as a Researcher at Renaisi since February 2022.

This role involves supporting project managers in our work in various projects by taking ownership of large aspects of different projects. I am responsible for data collection and analysis across most of my projects. Another important role that I took over at the start of the year is finding the work that we may want to bid for.

Your Skills & Experience

I have a masters degree in Politics and International Relations with a focus on human rights from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. This is where my passion and specific knowledge outside of work lies.

During my time at Renaisi I have also developed many research skills. I have conducted many interviews with stakeholders, funders, and participants of programmes. A lot of my work has been with young people and I have had many opportunities to do fieldwork across London. I am beginning to work more with clients directly and plan to improve my skills in this area in the future.

Your Hobbies & Interests

I am very social and enjoy playing any kind of team sport and watching most. I also have a big collection of board games and try to bring people together whenever I can.