Annecha Smart-Fullerton
Career Coach

Annecha Smart-Fullerton

Through the compassionate arms of Renaisi’s Transitions Team, I have the privilege of serving as a Career Coach for resolute and highly-skilled people from migrant backgrounds who are looking for work in the business, engineering, architecture and construction sectors.

My role at Renaisi

Renaisi’s process is person-centred, giving our candidates support and agency along their employment journey. I coach trained professionals from refugee and migrant backgrounds and those re-joining the workforce after long term health challenges, to make the transition into sustainable employment in line with their skills, experience and values.

My experience and skills

As a coach I help people gain insights, shift limiting mindsets and expand perspectives in order to build their capacity for career progression and to aid their journey into work. I help people increase emotional awareness so they can manage challenging or complex relationships, pursue their personal and professional growth goals, and fulfil their potential. I also design and deliver bespoke interventions that will help job seekers progress and facilitate deeper self-awareness.

I have over twenty-five years experience within the field of education and coaching and have worked  regionally and internationally.

My core values include authenticity, integrity, compassion, empathy and being thorough. I’m  jovial, understanding, focused, supportive, believe in others and see psycho-emotional and spiritual wholeness as paramount to holistic wellbeing.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy reading for pleasure, cooking, traveling, and meeting new people.