Renaisi strategy cover page, featuring a winding path with people walking across it.

Let’s push things forward together

Renaisi’s strategic direction is rooted in our history, experience and values. It reflects the reality of today’s social and economic climate, and brings together everything we learned from our last strategy. Locking people out of society leads to poverty, poor health and wellbeing – and the cost is economic, as well as social. Yet despite incredible effort

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A group of Renaisi colleagues standing near a flipchart that reads "Why does Renaisi exist?" Answers on coloured post-it notes

Strategy & stars at the Renaisi team day

The Renaisi team away day gave us an opportunity to collaborate on strategic development and celebrate our colleagues with the annual Renaisi Star Awards. We believe that everyone at Renaisi has a valuable perspective to bring to strategic conversations. Our team away day was a chance to bring colleagues together to share ideas, questions, and

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