Place-informed versus place-based

There is justifiable interest among trusts, foundations, charities and service delivery organisations in ‘place-based’ working and in encouraging local ownership of solutions when looking at social problems.

But is place-based thinking or working the only valid use of place in policy making or delivery of services?

Julia Slay Renaisi Associate

What is an ‘anchor’ organisation?

Renaisi Associate Julia Slay explains the term ‘anchor organisation’ and shares some examples of how anchors in the US have used their economic power to benefit the local communities that surround them. Anchors are typically – though not exclusively – not for profit organisations that are based in a city or town and are unlikely


#5 Week Notes – week beginning 4th November

I am not massively comfortable with it being November. There’s a large list of things that I need to get done before the end of the year, and I am starting to realise that they might not all happen… Board focus: done One thing that is done is our final board meeting of the year.