Thank you for giving your card a new life by turning it into this origami star decoration. Here are your easy-to-follow instructions:

1) Fold the top point of your paper down to meet the bottom point, and then crease.

2) Fold the top left point over to the right and crease.

3) Again, fold the left point over to the right point.

4) Rotate the paper so that the top point is facing ‘upwards’, with the opposite point going ‘down’ (this is the position of the final star’s bottom left point).

5) Fold the two layers you folded down, up to the right. This is positioning them where the final star’s top right point will be.

6) Crease really well, as folding this differently will produce a different result.

7) Now unfold the paper.

8) Unfold the back as well, so you’re back to your original square, albeit with lots of creased lines on.

9) Re-fold the diagonal crease. This is called a mountain fold as it forms a kind of mountain ‘peak’.

10) Now ‘collapse’ the star by pushing the left and right points in, whilst folding the top behind.

11) Crease this well, and make sure both sides are the same.

12) Have a look underneath, where the two flaps inside should overlap.

13) Turn the front flap into what will be the bottom left of the final star, by folding it over to the left and creasing well.

14) Flip the star over to the other side, fold the bottom left point of the star in the same way.

15) You will see there is a flap that looks a little out of place.

16) Fold the two layers of that flap over and behind, hiding it and making the star more secure.

17) Repeat that on the other side and your origami star is complete!

Wishing you a relaxed and peaceful break.