Making hiring decisions that support the community you operate in is about so much more than satisfying your equity, diversity and inclusion policy. Inclusive recruitment is not just good for marginalised candidates, it makes good business sense.

Finding a job can be hard for all people. For people facing economic and social exclusion, it’s even harder.

Language barriers, career gaps, or cultural differences all too often add up to a lack of confidence that prevents talented individuals from accessing opportunities and gaining work.

Where Renaisi comes in

We’re driven by the need to tackle socio-economic exclusion and to strengthen communities across the UK.

We work with employers and social sector organisations to champion inclusive recruitment, and to increase the quality of employment for people who are marginalised by society.

We empower individuals to overcome barriers to employment, grow in confidence and motivation, gain practical tools and training and secure good work as a result.

We’ve helped employers improve their inclusive recruitment practices for many years – and we can help you, too.

How it works

Working closely with your recruitment team, we’ll support you to make mutually beneficial, socially conscious hiring decisions that make good sense for your business.

We’ll empower you to tackle socio-economic exclusion, deliver social value and create a more diverse workplace by:

  • Connecting you with talented professionals whose transferable skills can plug the gaps in your business.
  • Developing a mentoring programme so your colleagues can improve their skills and understand the barriers marginalised communities such as refugees face.
  • Sharing best practice and insights about what it takes to make recruitment and retention practices truly inclusive.

We match candidates with experience and transferable skills to your vacancies and help you set up six-month paid professional placements – then provide ongoing support to both your new employee and their line manager to help you get the best from the placement.

It’s an approach that works. Since 2021, 95% of those employed on a placement were offered a permanent contract at the end of their six-month trial.

We can also train volunteer mentors from your business to provide professional guidance to a Renaisi candidate for four months. Our accessible training techniques are designed to help your team develop new skills and grow in confidence.

Our popular mentoring scheme is a win–win for both business and candidate: mentors gain an understanding of the barriers to a more inclusive and welcoming workplace, while mentees gain the support they need to realise their professional potential within the UK.

Success Stories


By working together, sharing our networks and resources, and making space for others, we can create deeper, longer-lasting change than we could ever do apart.

Find out more about Renaisi’s inclusive recruitment services and the ways in which we can support you to make hiring decisions that support your local community. 

Or download this checklist designed to help employers access hidden talent, diversify their workforce and restart the careers of refugee professionals. It draws on insight from refugee professionals and employers as well as best practice from the refugee employability sector.

We’re here to help