Software Engineer
  • 342603440/RK
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – University of Greenwich, London
  • Codeworks training – intensive training in modern software engineering technologies at one of Europe’s most selective bootcamps
  • Experience of design and development of systems from top to bottom (full stack) and maintaining overall code quality
  • Works across all layers of the stack (Frontend, API, Data, Operations) in current role
  • 2 years’ experience as Full Stack Software Developer in London
  • Excellent working knowledge of DevOps, Cloud Computing
  • Achievements in previous roles: Rebuilt the IT infrastructure on AWS using various modern Infrastructure as Code tools while optimising costs. Automated and improved development and release processes, testing, and examining code written by others and analysed results whilst working with software developers to ensure that development follows established processes. Documented and built a proof-of-concept cloud migration strategy for a local bank which was promoted to production

Available for Software Engineer role