Python Developer
London - able to relocate
  • 352042492/KA
  • Experienced Python developer with a strong background in Python and Odoo ERP development
  • Proficient in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React, with excellent problem-solving abilities and practical communication skills.
  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, React, Azure, Heroku, Linux
  • Databases: Postgresql, Firestore
  • Frameworks: Django, Django Rest Framework, jQuery, Bootstrap, Odoo
  • Version Control: Git, Github
  • Diploma in Full Stack Software Development – Code Institute, Dublin, Ireland | Credit rated by the University of West of Scotland
  • Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems – Sudan University of Science and Technology – Sudan
  • Projects: Database Auto Backup | PharmaQuiz App | Endorse-Plus | Owline | Minesweeper | Regions Quiz | Minimalism – available on Github, Odoo App Store, UpToDown App Store, Live Site

Available for Python Developer or Data Analyst roles