Project/Change/Customer Experience Manager
  • 353010715/YI
  • A professional with 20 years of experience in Project Management and Change management, Customer Experience Management, Sales and Customer Service.
  • With 14 years of experience in delivering more than 20 projects: IT, Digital, Brand Reputation, Structure Changing, and Sales Management.
  • Managing projects through the project lifecycle. Delivering projects with External and Internal teams. Agile methodology and collaborating work in Cross-Functional Teams.
  • Analyzing NPS indicators, IPSOS research, and customer complaints to identify customer pain points and opportunities to improve customer experiences. Customer Retention and Process Change Management.
  • Advanced user of PowerPoint, SharePoint, Excel, Word, Jira, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Outlook.
  • Complete higher education: Kherson State Agrarian University. Bachelor’s (Honours) Degree in Economics for Accounting and Auditing (confirmed by ENIC).

Key achievement and projects:

  • Worked in partnership with a Google Maps provider to update branch information in Google Maps and to develop an online platform as a tool to manage the customer experience.Implemented a Sales Management Project in 110 branches across 5 regions delivering more than 30% average increase in branch sales in the first month.
  • Delivered a project to increase the PI Sales function in branches by 10%.
  • Developed 2 multimedia video training courses on sales and service quality standards for sales managers and cashiers to improve sales and service quality: in year 1, 5000+ employees took the course to improve their sales & service skills.
  • Started a new VIP business line, attracting 100 new VIP clients in the first year.

Available for Project/Change/Customer Experience Manager roles