The Renaisi team away day gave us an opportunity to collaborate on strategic development and celebrate our colleagues with the annual Renaisi Star Awards.

A group of Renaisi colleagues standing near a flipchart that reads "Why does Renaisi exist?" Answers on coloured post-it notes

We believe that everyone at Renaisi has a valuable perspective to bring to strategic conversations. Our team away day was a chance to bring colleagues together to share ideas, questions, and challenges about our strategic direction. What came through loud and clear was everyone’s commitment to advancing social justice and collaborating to maximise our impact.

The new strategy is coming soon. In the meantime, you can read John Hitchin’s review of 2018-22 strategy.

Renaisi’s star colleagues

Every year the whole team gets together to give out ‘Star Awards’ nominated by colleagues. The categories reflect the characteristics that we value in each other.

And the winners were…

Newcomer of the year

Chantel Antonetti

The newcomer award went to Case Worker, Chantel Antonetti for being “a fab all-round team player, bringing so much energy … for being super dedicated to her participants and always offering solid ideas & opinions when we need them.”

Co-operator award

Andrew Southcott

This award went to Andrew Southcott our Office Administration Manager. Colleagues described him as “an all-round team player who always makes time to help”.

Improver and sustainability awards

John Williams, Senior Research and Evaluation Consultant, won two awards for rising to the challenge of consultancy project management and for being our “Sustainability King!”

Innovator award

Hannah Brooke is our innovator of the year. Hannah is the Engagement Manager for our Transitions service, which has gone from strength to strength under Hannah’s guidance.

“Hannah is always considering new and more effective ways of doing things, for having such considered and intelligent insights, and for being a wonderful teacher.”

Motivator award

Ben Andrews Researcher

The motivator award went to Junior Research & Evaluation Consultant, Ben Andrews for his dedication to getting social events up and running, including the planning for this team day.

The “checker-upper” award

The checker-upper award is for the star who has checked up on their colleagues to see how they are doing and offer moral support. Our People & Learning Manager Marie Nichols was the obvious choice to receive this.

“Marie has the biggest heart. Always approachable and she makes time.”

The difference and diversity award

The award for the person who has gone out of their way to listen, learn and understand difference and diversity across Renaisi, and ensured that we all value those differences went to Place-based Project Manager, Kezia Jackson-Harman.

“Kezia’s really passionate and driven and wants to learn and change things”.

The customer service award

Allegra Petzataki

Allegra Petzataki is a Case Worker for RISE (Refugees into Sustainable Employment Programme). Colleagues said, “she cares so much for the participants and works so hard with each of them. A genuine and good human”.

All-star award

Finally, the all-star award for that one overall star at Renaisi this year went to Project Manager, Rachel Sturgis! Her colleagues nominated her because:

“She’s just excellent – in attitude, work-style and commitment to the team.”

Well done everyone!