On behalf of the Greater London Authority (GLA), Renaisi has identified cold spots to target with their Civil Society Roots funding to strengthen support for community-led groups.

Civil Society Roots is a partnership between the GLA and City Bridge Trust. Through a rapid evidence review and analysis of funding datasets, Renaisi identified 10 ‘cold spots’ (boroughs) across London where funders struggle to reach community-led organisations.

Read our report to learn more about these areas and how the GLA’s Civil Society Roots programme aims to increase the support available for Londoners impacted by structural inequalities, including Black and Minority Ethnic people, Disabled people, LGBT+ people, Women and Older Londoners.

The programme will fund and support activities in the identified boroughs that:  

·       Build relationships and networks  

·       Develop or strengthens collective voice and advocacy 

·       Increase capacity and skills  

Grants from £1,000 to £50,000 are available and organisations can join a pre-funding Ideas Camp to support the development of ideas. For more information on the evidence review and programme, please visit the programme website or contact civilsociety@london.gov.uk. 

Rachel Sturgis