Friday 28 June was National Employability Day 2019, which happened to coincide with an employability workshop for refugee and migrant job seekers facilitated by Deloitte volunteers.

Deloitte employees visited Renaisi’s South London office to run a full day of employment support. The purpose of the session was to enhance work skills for those who are closest to employment. Participants learned how to effectively navigate the UK job market and apply for relevant roles. They then had the opportunity to improve their CV’s, as well as practise mock interviews with Deloitte staff acting as the interviewers. Doing so provided the service users with a comprehensive understanding of what is required to get a job in the UK. One participant commented:

“This day has been amazing. I feel a lot more confident expressing myself in interviews now.”

Deloitte Employablity Workshop

The employability day is a regular occurrence and part of a full package of support that Renaisi provides for refugees and migrants. The RISE programme is delivered in collaboration with a wide range of partners and supporters to enable us to reach and provide the best support to participants. Support includes

  • Free English lessons
  • Support from a friendly adviser, including help applying for jobs
  • Advice on benefits and housing
  • Mentoring support to help you stay in a job
  • Social opportunities

A member of the Deloitte team said:

“I didn’t expect to feel such gratification after today. I think the service users have learned an awful lot, as have we. It seems that we have made a really positive impact on people, who will hopefully see long term benefits.”

Renaisi thanks the Deloitte team for the time and energy they commit to the RISE programme on a regular basis.

Thanks also to Renaisi partners, Volunteering Matters, who matched RISE with Deloitte in the first place.Working across ten boroughs in North and East London, RISE is funded by the National Community Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund ‘Building Better Opportunities’ programme. Find out more about RISE.

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